Our Firm

While DePinto Law, LLP has handled single plans for assets in excess of $200 million, our planning clientele do not have to make the Forbes fortune list to be candidates for our services. We will help anyone who believes he or she has something to protect, from a family’s residence representing their entire life savings, to real estate investors, professionals, and business owners who have amassed million of dollars in assets.

Our typical clients are physicians, attorneys, medical health practitioners, other licensed professionals, real estate investors, business owners, senior citizens, and retired individuals.  All our clients have one common goal: to protect their accumulation of assets and insulate their nest eggs from potential claims arising from future creditors, personal injury and torts, lawsuits against business and real property owners, estate and gift taxes, Medicaid and the costs of long term care.

Another common goal of our clients is to provide the asset protection for the passing of their wealth once they are no longer here. The use of lifetime trusts for our clients' children is becoming commonplace in our practice. The contemporary issues seem to focus more on outside predators staking claim to family assets, as opposed to the traditional plan for mismanagement of assets by the children.

Many parents are concerned about the staggering divorce rates and have legitimate fears about potential future spouses, especially when there are minor and unmarried children. There is also the desire to structure for their children a comprehensive protection plan for the same tax and litigious reasons they seek asset protection for themselves.

DePinto Law, LLP is unique in that the practice of asset protection and wealth preservation requires a mix of three highly technical and specialized areas of the law: Trusts and Estate Planning, Taxation (including Gift, Estate, income and international Taxation), and Creditors Rights.

Although there are many firms that specialize in tax and estate planning, there are only a handful of firms that provide these unique combinations in a single boutique law firm that performs with such levels of quality, competency, and sophistication as done by the professionals at DePinto Law, LLP.